Motto: Digitize or die?!

Everyone of us is affected by digital change. Nearly no other issue in the past years has changed our country and economy faster than digitalization did and does. We should nevertheless take a look behind this trend and pose the question: Do we really want to implement everything that is technically possible?

Our speakers will approach the topic of digitalization and its impact on our lives and working environment in three thematic blocks. Since the middle-class economy will be affected by digitalization in a particular way, the effects on these companies will come to the fore.



Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory seem to be keywords nowadays, but many companies rightly ask themselves: What does this actually mean and how will this specifically affect me and my business? We will pick up this question in different speeches and workshops as well as illuminate this topic from different perspectives. In doing so, every participant will individually understand and realize how industry 4.0 can affect him and his company. On the contrary, we will also discuss to what extent analog business models can and should withstand digitalization.



How does digitalization change us as a society and how am I personally affected as a human being? What is digitalization and how does it influence daily life? How will our children grow up with the new digital possibilities and how will this change their lives in contrast to ours? Which exciting changes are waiting for us in the coming decades? We will listen to competent and sometimes surprising speakers answering these questions.



Politics provide the framework for society and any economic cooperation in both national and international context. We will exchange our knowledge regarding Germany’s direction (focusing on the region ofSouth-Westphalia) – in terms of digitalization with leading national and international politicians.



The tent city of the Campus Symposium in Iserlohn. Experience the fascination of the biggest collegiate economic conference in Germany – or as we call it: Camping with friends!