Third Workshop on the " Shortage of specialists and managers in South Westphalia " at the Privates Aufbaugymnasium Iserlohn

On Wednesday more than 30 entrepreneurs, high-level personnel and representatives of associations, federations, politics and administration met in the Privates Aufbaugymnasium Iserlohn, in order to occupy themselves again with the topic of the shortage of specialists and managers in the region Southwestphalia and to compile possible strategies against this.

The Workshop, that was executed by the Think tank consultation #FORTSCHRITT, focused on the topic "New Work" and how this model can be a solution. For some time now, #FORTSCHRITT has been the official strategy partner of the Campus Symposium.

"We are pleased to be able to make a small contribution to addressing the issue of the " shortage of specialists and managers " in our region and to establish networking between many relevant actors," says Christoph Neumann, Managing Director of the Campus Symposium. "We will definitely continue this series of workshops and are very happy about the support of #FORTSCHITT and the Privates Aufbaugymnasium, who have once again provided us with the great facilities.