Winteruni meets Campus Symposium in our tent city

The event with four speakers will take place this time already in September and for the first time in the tent city. Topic: Growing old in the 21st century

A winter university in summer and even in a tent: On September 11th, under the motto "Winteruni meets Campus Symposium", the event will take place for the first time in the tent city of the Campus Symposium (Bernhard-Hülsmann-Weg), which a good week earlier will once again bring great names from business and politics to the Bernhard-Hülsmann-Weg in Iserlohn.


Die Zeltstadt am Bernhard-Hülsmann-Weg, 58644 Iserlohn, beherbergt zum ersten Mal die Winteruni.

"In a way, we wanted to bring together two established Iserlohn brands," says Christoph Neumann, Managing Director of Campus Symposium GmbH and at the same time a member of the Winteruni organisation team, which now presented the plans in the rooms of the VHS. And of course they also wanted to use synergies, because: "The tent is here".

<h4>A bulky topic - comprehensibly transported </h4>

The theme of the event in a few weeks will then be "Growing old in the 21st century". A difficult topic, actually, but also one that affects all people. "We hope, of course, that we will be able to convey this bulky topic in an understandable way," says Gerd Greczka, VHS and also Orga-Team. This is one reason why practical relevance is so important.

"We are dealing with a generation for which there is more to it than just shaping the twilight years," explains VHS director Rainer Danne. "People are often fit into old age".

And because this is the case, demographic change and everything it entails will continue to have a major influence on economic, political and social developments in the future;

"This is one reason why we invited Markus Kühnel from the TU Dortmund, who will also take a look at society as a whole," explains Kerstin Gralher from the Evangelische Akademie Villigst in Schwerte. And so the focus will extend beyond the topics health and education.

<h4>Tour through the GGT exhibition </h4>

In addition to two half-hour coffee breaks (10 a.m. and 2.45 p.m.) and a lunch break (1 p.m. to 2 p.m.), a tour of the permanent exhibition of the nearby Zentrum der Deutschen Gesellschaft und Gerontotechnik (GGT) will also take place on 11 September. There you will find, among other things, walking aids, but also the most modern senior-friendly furnishings for every room in the household.

As always with the winter university also for the food supply of the participants one provides comprehensively. Besides coffee and cake there will also be lunch. "We hope thereby by the tent for a special flair , so Gerd Greczka.

Registrations for the event (including coffee, cake and lunch) can be made personally and online at the VHS Iserlohn (course number 182_10001).

The program:

<b>Admission</b>&nbsp;8.30 o'clock, from 9 o'clock&nbsp;<b>Greeting</b>&nbsp;by Mayor Dr. Peter Paul Ahrens.

<b>Lecture I</b>&nbsp;(9.15 o'clock): "How our attitude and our thinking influence the health", &nbsp;<b>Prof. Dr. Kilian Hennes</b>, FH Südwestfalen.

<b>Lecture II&nbsp;</b>(10.30 am): "Challenges of an ageing society in the 21st century from a global and local perspective", &nbsp;<b>Markus Kühnel</b>, Gerontology TU Dortmund.

<b>Lecture III&nbsp;</b>(11.15 a.m.): "Being old in 2040",&nbsp;<b>Markus Sauer</b>, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik.

<b>Lecture IV&nbsp;</b>(14 Uhr): "Learning in old age",&nbsp;<b>Frank Finkeldei</b>, VHS.

<b>Podium discussion</b>&nbsp;(15.15 o'clock)&nbsp;<b>"Ageing in the 21st century"</b>, IKZ editor Kevin Pinnow with the four speakers.

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