Workshop on the "Shortage of specialists and managers in South Westphalia"

On 7.2.2019, the "Private Gymnasium Iserlohn" once again received a lot of visitors. More than 50 representatives of regional associations/associations and agencies as well as managing directors, board members and personnel managers of local companies were honoured to accept an invitation of the Campus Symposium to the "Privates Aufbaugymnasium Iserlohn."

The reason for this was the first edition of a series of workshops on the subject of "Lack of specialists and managers" in South Westphalia. The region with its approximately 170 world market leaders will be particularly affected by this phenomenon in the coming years. Almost all of those present confirmed in an ad hoc online survey that the topic will become bigger and bigger for them in the next few years.

The moderators of the Think-Tank-Beratung from Berlin / Frankfurt, strategy partner of the Campus Symposium, led the participants through a status quo survey of the measures taken so far and a very exciting fish bowl discussion. "We are glad that we can contribute our part to the solution of this important problem , so Campus symposium managing director Christoph Neumann, which stresses "the problem will accompany us in the coming 5-10 years still substantial and we as economically strong region must be careful that we do not oversleep the trend."

The Workshopreihe is to take place now regularly at the Aufbaugymnasium, since the school is already for years a strong partner of the Campus symposium. Again and again, students take part in our event as volunteers. In the feedback round, the participants agreed that they want to tackle the topic together and will make better use of existing offers from associations and agencies. The exchange within the workshop series was considered to be very important. For the next workshops, pupils and students will also be involved in order to communicate directly with the target group.